Why I Am Voting for Bernie Sanders

Skeptics have doubted his ability to win the Democratic nomination, but those doubts are vanishing as Bernie Sanders won big in Iowa and New Hampshire. He has the only campaign with the most individual contributions, which come from people of all backgrounds and walks of life. Bernie is the embodiment of unity, solidarity, and compassion. I am proud to support Bernie Sanders for president of the United States.

Let’s be clear: It is not radical to want people to be able to afford basic necessities. It is not radical to protect our own environment. It is not radical to want every person to have an opportunity to achieve their goals. In fact, Bernie’s ideas make sense. No one should have to choose between paying bills or risking death. No one deserves to cut back on life-saving medicine because they cannot afford it. Finally, we all deserve to breathe clean air and drink clean water. Simple.

Bernie has stuck to the same core values for his entire career and cannot be bought. He fights for the people, he stands with the people, and he believes in the power of people. He has always been honest and has the record to prove it. This election is not about whether you are a conservative or a liberal. This election is about choosing the best candidate. The best candidate is Bernie Sanders, because he cares about all of us.

Again, the election is about doing the right thing. Choose the candidate who shows integrity, kindness, and intelligence. Choose the candidate that wants every American to live a decent life. Choose the candidate that will be respected and admired around the world. Choose the candidate that knows how to lead. That candidate is Bernie Sanders.

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