The Amazon – Producer of Oxygen – is Burning

The wildfires in the Amazon are, collectively, an international crisis. The lack of concern for the loss of deforestation is astounding – in fact, some people have even called it an obstacle to commercial development. How can we possibly enjoy a shopping center when we can hardly breathe?

Not enough is being done to combat the problem of deforestation. Money that could be used for sustainability projects is being deflected for other purposes. This should spark outrage simply because the Amazon is such an important source of oxygen and biodiversity. Additionally, the rainforest itself is a “major absorber of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.”

Lack of care for the environment is a widespread and urgent problem. Our environment should be our priority. Codes designed to protect our environment need to be enforced properly. Everyone needs to realize the importance of our national resources. Without them, we cannot live; and if we survive, we will be struggling to do so. Just because natural resources are found in nature does not mean they are capable of being wastefully disposed. There should be strict restrictions, enforcement, and most essential of all, respect for the environment.

What can you do to help? Spread more awareness about the environment and plant more trees.

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Source: AP


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