2 Mass Shootings in a Row – Enough

The simple truth is that thoughts and prayers will not stop mass shooters from carrying out their plans. Thoughts and prayers will not bring back loved ones. What we need is sensible laws that respect our Second Amendment right but also prioritize our human right to go shopping, to go to festivals – to exist without living in fear of being another victim.

Universal background checks for firearm purchases do not infringe on Americans’ rights. They will help prevent more mass shootings by simply making sure that the purchaser has no history that could flag him or her. If a gun buyer is not planning to create havoc with their firearm purchase, that buyer has nothing to fear during this simple check. It is just another step in the buying process.

Gun safety is important in any gun training program. From personal experience, it is customary to put down all weapons when a person is putting up a target. This logic should be the same when buying a weapon. One should not acquire a weapon if one knows that he or she will not use it safely. If a buyer has every intention of using their weapon safely, they should not object to a background check.

Another issue is mental health. The government needs to invest more resources in improving Americans’ access to mental health care. Nobody should be turned away because they are unable to afford it or because a facility is full.

Finally, mental health issues and guns exist everywhere. But why is the United States the country that is always in the international news for yet another mass shooting? The answer is that Americans fear that any pre-purchase requirement is a Constitutional infringement. It is not. It is time to say enough is enough and enact gun safety legislation.

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