Free Download from Amazon: The Labyrinth of Dimensions, “Someone Monitors our Thoughts”

For people who enjoys to read Sci-fi, this book is free to download from Amazon until July 29.

The planet Earth will never disappear, but there is no guarantee that its inhabitants will have the same fortune after having broken the harmonious laws of the universe. They are unaware that a strict entity from outside their world is closely monitoring their thoughts – more than just their actions – and it has condemned them to be destroyed by a monstrous executioner that sleeps within a dark abyss located somewhere on the planet.

This terrible fate is revealed by a mysterious grandfather to his timid granddaughter, who possesses a strange syndrome that enables her to be a human of extraordinary intelligence. Without her knowing, he will prepare her to save all humans, who are falling under the influence of the corruption of their own technological innovations which will soon turn them into slaves of their own irrationality.

Time is running out and humans are getting ready to destroy one another as part of an evil game. After she returns from an inter dimensional trip, the young protagonist must guide all humanity in the construction of an artificial neurological network which will restore the lost harmony. If the mission is successful, Earth’s dwellers will be eternal and there will not be a next generation. There will be nothing to stop them from reaching the final dimension. But beyond it, where the lights of the universe are extinguished in an absolute and perpetual darkness, there is something else, and only the entity can cross it. This is just the beginning.


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