Seniors Can Learn Foreign Languages

Seniors are welcome to learn a new language at all ages. Recently research has shown that the brain is well prepared for learning a new language at any time. This discovery has pulled down that wrong idea that only children can learn a foreign language. “Children sometimes seem to learn effortlessly, but that’s because they’re working at it full time,” says Barry Gordon, MD, PhD, therapeutic cognitive neuroscience professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (AARP).

Now, there are no excuses to start studying your favorite language that you always wished for fun or as a way to keep your brain well exercised. You don’t need to be a fluent speaker because it’s enough to amplify your brain’s capacity for fun.

“Bilingualism is beneficial to brain health, according to researchers at Edinburgh University. After examining medical records of 648 patients with Alzheimer’s disease in Hyderabad, the researchers found that monolingual patients developed dementia earlier than those who spoke two languages. The lead researcher Thomas Bak notes that learning a new language later in life is beneficial because it helps exercise the brain” (MONDLY).


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