Happy Mother’s Day! Feliz Día De Las Madres

Manuela Garcia was still a child herself when she gave me life. Mi madrecita was just 17-years old, a farmworker in the fields of West Texas born the daughter of campesino parents. Even at that early age, my mother faced motherhood with the courage of our Mexican culture stirring in her blood.

In time, she gave birth to six more sons and daughters who today stand proud of what she taught us — the value of hard work and treating others in the same way we wished to be treated. These values continue to serve each of us to this day and we are thankful to God because she is the very foundation of our family, la conciencia de nuestra familia.

Also, there is my beautiful wife and partner, Elba. She is the life-giver through whom God blessed us with two sons, Joaquin and Fernando. I am also very proud of her achievements. From her arrival as an immigrant, she became a dentist and the first Latina Commissioner in the history of Dallas, Texas. I honor her for being the source of love within our family and a tireless helper to so many within our community. Te amo Elba.

Y para todas las madrecitas nuestras, gracias mas de lo que podemos decirles. You work one, sometimes two jobs de sol a sol and then come home and still care for your families. Immigrant mothers who have suffered unimaginable hardships to give your children a better life. Single parents who are both mother and father and endure quietly the tough job of raising children alone. And yes, women also confront the reality of still being paid less than men, an injustice we must fight.

On this Mother’s Day, may we each honor and celebrate the mothers in our lives, the mothers of LULAC members and every mother who daily helps to make America stronger and better. We love you!

¡Hasta la Victoria!
Domingo Garcia
Candidate for LULAC National President


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