An Orange Cat Named “Blue” Needs our Help. He is suffering from kidney failure

My 5-year old cat Blue is suffering from kidney failure. He is orange, loves to takes naps, and likes to chase things. But because of this problem, he is not feeling well as his kidneys are not functioning as they should. Although this disease has no cure, Blue needs to see a specialist vet, go under treatment, and eat a special diet. I (his mother) cannot afford any of this, but my life would be empty without him and his life would be awful without the necessary treatment. The treatment will help “replace” some of the functions healthy kidneys would do. Blue needs this to be a healthy cat and I need this so my forever companion will stay healthy for more years. I would be eternally grateful for anything that will help Blue’s quality of life improve. Thank you.

If confirmation of Blue’s disease and diagnosis is needed, just ask. Every penny will go towards his care.

Blue was rescued and I adopted him from the Miami-Dade Animal Shelter as an “older kitten.” After testing positive for feline leukemia, his original adopters turned him back. The shelter would have put gotten rid of him. I knew he was meant for me and I took Blue home when I was 13. For five years, Blue has been by my side in every situation and I consider him my angel. I’ve been taking care of his every need and it would devastate me to lose him after how much we have gone through together.  The kidney treatment will provide fluids that are necessary to keep his blood free of dangerous levels of toxins that could be fatal to him. Help me save my angel.

Here is the link:

Very thankful for any help,

Carla Martinez


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