Board of Directors’ Meeting Notice and Agenda

When:   October 1, 2016 (Saturday)
Where:  West Dade Regional Library
                9445 Coral Way (S.W. 24th St.)
                Miami, FL
Time:     1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
1. Meeting Call to Order 2. Prayer 3. Pledge of Allegiance 4. Reading of the Minutes 5. Treasury Report 6. Old Business a) State Director’s Status Report; and b) Submission of Appointments for Approval; 7. New Business a) Transfer and Turning Over of Reports, Documents, and any Assets, to Newly Elected Officers by Immediate Past Officers. b) Elected and Appointed Board of Directors’ Planning Reports c) Pre Planning Committee Discussion about the May 2017 State Convention. 8. Adjourn Any additional information may be obtained by emailing:

League of United Latin American Citizens
LULAC Florida Office Edna E. Canino, Florida Deputy State Director
Mari Corugedo, State Director
Edna Canino, Deputy State Director
Maria Medina, State Treasurer
Maggie Marrero, State Co-Treasurer
Pamela Gomez, Deputy Director for Young Adults
Sonia Guerao, Deputy Director for Youth
Nancy Parente, Deputy Director for the Elderly
Norma Cress, Deputy Director for Women
Dr. Robert Flores, Immediate Past State Director
Gloria Vales, District Director 1
Delma Rodriguez, District Director 2
Libby Perez, District Director 3
( above listed are elected Board of Directors and have one vote on the Board)
Ramon Martinez Torres, Immediate Past Treasurer

APPOINTED Board of Directors (2016-2017) Jennie Figueroa (Asst. Roberto Canino) Secretary Renier Martin, Chaplin Gustavo Rivera, Parliamentarian Ana Lamb, Chair Membership Dr. Rosa Castro Feinberg, Chair, Media and Government Relations Nelson Diaz Pomar, Publicity Director Ed Quinones, Chair, Civil Rights Committee Libby Perez, Chair Populations Committee Isis Castro, Education Policy Committee, Chair; and Assistant, Francisco Porrata, Sylvia Levermia, Chair, Health Committee Wilfredo Benitez, Civic Engagement




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