Roger C. Rocha, Jr. Roberto E. Canino, National President International Ambassador

lulac 87

LULAC 87th National Annual Convention was a great success as measured by its sponsors, participants, speakers, and attendance, plus utilization of electronic voting for its membership.

Left, Florida on the elections convention floor, FL State Director, Mari Corugedo; and Robert Flores, former FL State Director, FL delegates, Norma Cress, and Roberto Canino. Right; Dr. Lydia Medrano, V.P. for the SE; with some of the Florida delegates. Several Central Florida delegates were also present, but are missing from the above photos.

Jose Avila, presenting a Ford donation check of $400,000.00 to Lulac National Education Service Center (LNESC) with Roger C. Rocha, Jr., LULAC National President, and Brent Wilkes, LULAC National CEO, opening the news conference and welcoming the attendees.
LULAC Current and Past National Presidents of LULAC Participating during the Convention
Front Row, L-R; Margaret Moran; William Bonilla, Sr; Belen Robles; Edward Pena; Rosa Rosales;
Back Row, L-R: Hector Flores; Oscar Moran; Rick Dovalina; and our current President Roger C. Rocha, Jr.
Joining this group photo are eight (8) former National Presidents with current President. National President, Roger C. Rocha, Jr.
The convention was enhanced by having these great leaders joining and participating in the 87th annual National LULAC convention. Their presence inspired and motivated our LULAC member attendees to continue LULAC’s legacy.
Left, President Roger C. Rocha, Jr. promoting a voting drive for LULAC Members and the Hispanic community. Below, LULAC national board members during the opening of the Exhibit Hall with a ribbon cutting ceremony. http://www.lulac.org

Roberto Canino, LULAC International Ambassador Jose Diaz Balart, Anchor Noticiero Telemundo.
Left, LULAC Washington DC Celebration evening with the Army Salsa Band and Little Joe y La Familia musical entertainment, co-sponsored by Toyota, Anheuser-Busch, and Goya Foods, a social reception event at the Toyota DC Headquarters Building. Right, Dr. Lydia Medrano, V.P. for the SE, was the lucky winner of a Ford miniature collections car where every table had the car gift give-away during the Presidential Awards banquet.

Diplomatic International/ Foreign Affairs : U.S. and Israel Relationship
Above, Hector Flores, Former National President, hosted an AIPAC Informational Breakfast during the convention. Roger C. Rocha, Jr., National President addressed the group who were invited to better understand AIPAC and its legislative policy of its U.S.-Israel relationship. American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) empowers pro-Israel activists across all ages, religions and races to be politically engaged and build relationships with members of Congress from both sides of the aisle to promote the U.S.-Israel relationship

Left, Elia Mendoza, LULAC Texas State Director, Rosa Rosales, former National President; Regla Gonzales,
and Brenda Estrada; Right, Lourdes Galvan, V.P. for Women; all these women leaders are members of the LULAC National Women’s Commission of which Ms. Galvan chairs.

Above, is a group photo of the LULAC National Women Commissioners, with U.S. Congresswoman
Loretta Sanchez, from California. Photo taken during the National LULAC Women’s Conference, April 2016.
JUL 17 2016, 10:42 AM ET Postage Stamp for ‘Stand and Deliver’ Teacher Jaime Escalante Is Unveiled With a U.S. Postal Service honor guard the singing the national anthems of the United States and Bolivia, the Jaime Escalante commemorative stamp was officially unveiled at the 87th conference of the League of United Latin American “This is a historic moment,” said LULAC president Roger Rocha.
Escalante, a teacher in his native Bolivia who arrived in the states in 1963, became known for using innovative methods to teach inner-city students in East Los Angeles that some considered “unteachable,” and many of whom went on to master calculus under his tutelage. John B. King, Secretary , U.S. Dept. of Education, was a featured speaker of this great event. “ Stand and Deliver,” actor, Edward James Olmos, an acclaimed Actor and community Advocate, was also a speaker, as was Escalante’s son, Escalante, Jr. during the commemorative Stamp Ceremony. Remember, when purchasing stamps, to ask for the Jaime Escalante Forever Stamps. http://www.usps.com ; http://www.lulac.org . Info on Photos and Contents: Edna E. Canino, Esq., ednacanino@aol.com; August 15, 2016 .

See photos here, please LULA PDF




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