Hollywood Hills High School’s Youth are Getting Grant from State Farm

Hollywood, FL, December 16, 2015 – Hispanic Unity of Florida (HUF) was awarded a $100,000 State Farm® Youth Advisory grant on Wednesday to support college and career readiness for youth at Hollywood Hills High School. The Guide2Goals, a student driven program created by youth for youth, will serve as a platform for learning, leadership development and community engagement. The grant will also allow HUF, in collaboration with the Hollywood Hills High School administration and the program’s Youth Advisory Board, to empower students with necessary life skills training, preparing them for future endeavors.
Hispanic Unity was the recipient of the largest State Farm® Youth Advisory grant awarded in Florida this year. And, out of the 1,000 applications that were received nationally, and reviewed by the State Farm® Youth Advisory Board, only 62 of them were selected. Seven of them were to organizations in Florida.
During the next year, 120 youth will receive coaching in the areas of financial literacy, college readiness, and workforce/career development through this new Guide2Goals pilot program. As a result of the State Farm grant, Hispanic Unity of Florida is able to bring this unique career/college readiness pilot and the first youth development afterschool program to Hollywood Hills High School, a Title I school with more than 2,200 students.
“At State Farm, we understand how important it is to invest in our youth. We are happy to support Hispanic Unity as they launch their first student run program, which will serve as a helpful resource for generations to come,” said Jose Soto, Public Affairs Community Specialist with State Farm.
Specific training sessions will help to prepare students in their pursuit of higher education and/or entry into the workforce. This includes a college tour and instruction related to application and scholarship support for post-secondary education as well as resume and employability skills-building to assist youth for future career paths. The program will also include a financial empowerment component, which will teach students about budgeting, savings, credit and opening a line of credit.
According to a 2012 international study, by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, youth attitudes towards learning are positively associated with financial literacy. Upon completion, students will collaborate to create a digital resource guide utilizing technology to share their new knowledge with the goal of sharing what they have learned with other students.
“Upon graduation, many students are not immediately ready for college and/or employment. This program will provide students with the skills and training they need to confidently transition into the workforce or on their path to higher education,” said Felipe Pinzon, Vice President of Programs for HUF.
This career/college readiness pilot is made possible by State Farm and the following partners: Children’s Services Council of Broward County, TK Foundation, Citi Foundation, Hyram Montero, Hollywood Hills High School and their Youth Advisory Board and Nativo.


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