LULAC: Historia y Memorias de la Comunidad Latina en EEUU

I am Francisco J. Torres and I became LULAC member April 29, 2015.  I am the first Secretary for the Council 3243: LULAC Cudahy.  I want to share my experience with League of United Latin American Citizens.

LULAC stands for League of United Latin American Citizens and the organization was founded in 1929. On May 18, 1929, at the Allende Hall in Corpus Christi, Texas, Ben Garza called the first LULAC General Convention to order.

President General, M.C. Gonzalez was elected Vice President General, A. De Luna was elected Secretary General, and Louis C. Wilmot of Corpus Christi, Texas, was elected Treasurer General. These officers guided a new organization that faced prejudice and skepticism.

  • Mexican Americans were not allowed to learn English.
  • Thus, they were disenfranchised and unable to vote.
  • Many were unable to pay voting taxes.
  • Thus, their Anglo bosses paid this charge and told them who to vote for.
  • Many Mexican American families worked in fields, farms, and ranches and their children never went to school.
  • Many were denied jobs because they were perceived as lazy, poorly dressed, dirty, ill-educated, and thought to be thieves.
  • American children had to attend segregated schools known as “Mexican Schools.”
  • In those days “Mexican Schools” were legal in the Southwest.
  • These schools were staffed with the worst teachers and the buildings were in deplorable conditions.

My experience and challenges in my life:

During my high school years I experience discrimination from my high school academic consul because I was born in Mexico.  I remember my Huntington Park High School academic consul giving the following stamen “Francisco will never go to University.  He is not a US Citizen.”  My high school academic consul discriminated people non-born in the US.  My high school academic council never guides me in the proper academic courses to take to be able to be admitted to university.  I was not able to graduate with my high school class 1996 because I did not got the proper instruction to read, write and speak English.  I got my high school diploma one year after because I took academic remedial courses at Cypress College.  The community college system help me to learn about my learning disability and how to overcome the lack of academic education not provide to me during my high school years.  I stopped my higher education in 2004 due to the fact of the economic challenges the nation faced and the prejudice in the immigration system.  The people who give me respect and educational guide was my English High School Teacher David Nordee.  He recommended me to attend Cypress College.  My academic council at Cypress College was Thom Nordee US Vietnam Veteran.  From 1997 to present date I focused in my education, professional work experience and personal self-improvement.  I have experience working as teacher assistant from Kinder Garden to high school, adult school and community college.  2005 I started by personal business providing bilingual technical support to nonprofit organizations, low income communities and Latino business.

Why I become a member of LULAC?

The LULAC commitments influence and changed my life.  I became a member of LULAC in April 29, 2015. Sitting down and putting in writing my memories give me the flash back to remember the following “Francisco prepare to become a leather.  I am old and we need young people to take active roles in our society.  I pass to you the torch of leather ship for our community.  The torch of leadership is now in your hands.  “Se un aguila no un buitre” PhD. Geroge Beloz commented to me in his last day working at his position as Affirmative Action Director at Cypress College.

My life changing event and personal participation with LULAC

I have the opportunity to attend 2015 LULAC National Convention Salt Lake City, Utah.   After 15 years of knowing about of LULAC and my continuation in better myself I made the commitment to become a member of LULAC.  I am the first Secretary for Council 3243: LULAC Cudahy.

My personal commitment for the organization is to unite all LULAC Councils from California.  During the typing of this document I realize the great gift and legacy of League of United American Citizens.  I put great focus in LEAGUE and UNITED.  From the start of LULAC we can read about the challenges of coming together with agreements to form an organization to solve problems of the Latino Community.

The official language for League of United Latin American Citizens is English my resolution to help more understanding between all our members we need to integrate sing language for persons with disabilities hearing, brail printed materials for blind persons, and interpreters (English/Spanish)

LULAC documentation must be available at least in Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

My personal commitment for the organization is to unite all LULAC Councils from California.

I am interested in helping LULAC California Councils to create local technology centers and provide support to our local youth and adults with sports equipment for low income communities.

I support LULAC programs for the Youth and Senor Citizen programs

I commit to have an active involvement in the League of United Latin American Citizens with focus in the advance of the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, health and civil rights of Hispanic Americans

With my individual membership I provide support to my local council, district board, sate board, state assembly, national board and the national assembly.

I encourage to all of us to work together following the guide lines given to us by our LULAC Founding Fathers.  We need to keep united to be able to make a strong league of Latin American Citizens.

Thank you to all women and men who work together on projects to contribute to Latinos achieving process through a positive approach.



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